View from the room with no windows - by Jennifer Lewallen

Sometimes I get the feeling that I am not insane. No matter how many times the 6-foot white rabbit appears. Maybe when I’m alone smoking and drinking my coffee in the evening hours, I’m truly not alone. read more...

Couldn’t you come over? - by Zita Mirabal

Because all the mouths moving in synchronicity with the clock couldn't prompt me to reveal the hazardous thoughts invading my mind like the vandals on the roof top next door, lurking in the sleeping stillness of the night back when I was five or six years more...

Luna Primavera - by Emily Cordes

are you lonely
as the world teems beneath you?
Even now,
an opalescent bride
bearing ripe fruits
and lush open blossoms,
can you sense the chill
sparkling in the ember’s core?

Because I Write Poems For Guys I Like - by Emily Cordes

Bad poetry thrives on desire.
Honeytongued dreamers,
more tubercular than lovesick,
flock around the altar of Eros,
clamoring for ambrosial more...

A nice boy - by Monica

Once upon a time not so long ago and very close by, there was a girl and, as most stories go, she met a boy.
Well, this Girl met a few: there was Assholeboy#1 and Assholeboy#2 and Suicideboy and Alreadyhasagirlfriendboy, etc.
Until one day, she met a not so asshole-ish boy – she met a nice more...

Made In Mexico (& we tend to pay less) - by Audri

She's a knee rising to cover face immolation
huddled in Mexico paper sun stains
red clay hands to reach for
hummingbird amulets off dirt roads
& day of the dead posters
the same day she hit hands first
cement flecks under skeleton skin

The Birds of Laysan Isle - by Dayna Desastre

April 24th, 1923.

This is the day they watched the Laysan Apapane bird more...

Leave It - by Alyssa Max

you're smiling and it's making me smile
I want to put my hands in your hair
and leave them there
you're joking with me and I laugh out loud
I don't want to
you don't care

nature has not mother - by Audri

her hand shaking
set record breaking appeal to the nights
where she stayed nocturnal
sitting on bubbles and trees
resetting the sun

4/8/07 - by Sukha

from this unremarkably grey
seeming to be asleep sunday
from this day
of rememberance
of radical
rising up's
of remembering
to remember to
rise