by Francesca Lia Block | Writing |

magick is radical - by Francesca Lia Block

this little boy says he can understand what cats say
and i believe him he looks like one
slight and feline black hair shiny smooth as fur
but he also tells me magic isn’t real
repeating what someone has given him
thinking it was a gift, a tool
magic isn’t real
only pretend
i know another little boy whose daddy tells him
you can do anything if you believe it enough

what if we all learned that at such a young age
like grammar and arithmetic
what if our parents teachers leaders believed it too
not the magick of tricks
or the will
but that true, pure stream of never ending

could we fly? find our true loves? our true work?
end wars and poverty?

like my daughter who wrote in her composition book
i wish i had magick
if i had magick i would save
the world