by Francesca Lia Block | Writing |

Extinction - by Francesca Lia Block

the earth was crying trying to cool

her blistered skin with tears

the polar bears died without their ice

those sad little fishes

the birds with burnt wings

what have they done to us
what will they keep doing how will they ever stop

the children ran from the bombs

continents reared up and the oceans swallowed people whole

the men wondered how to change anything without a gun

in the darkness women ate chocolate and wept

yearning for their unfound partners and babies

as if to be alone were the end of the world

and yes it felt that way

because we must all have someone to hold someone to hold us

through an apocalypse

what can we do what can we do we cried

how is this anything writing these poems of devotion

posting these images of transformation

winged dogs girls with clocks in their heads

how is this anything

holding our babies

and touching our lovers as if they were lost parts of god

this is all we can do

the night descends but love though vulnerable


like the little girl with brown curls and sprinkled freckles

who ran into my arms today

i’m airplane, the saber tooth cat, she said

please play with me i won’t ever