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A nice boy - by Monica

Once upon a time not so long ago and very close by, there was a girl and, as most stories go, she met a boy.
Well, this Girl met a few: there was Assholeboy#1 and Assholeboy#2 and Suicideboy and Alreadyhasagirlfriendboy, etc.
Until one day, she met a not so asshole-ish boy – she met a nice boy.
Niceboy like Girl and Girl liked Niceboy.
Niceboy took Girl for coffee.
They sat in his paint-chipped Dodge Ram; Girl with her feet out the window and her head resting in Niceboy’s lap while she twirled her multicolored hair around her fingers.
Niceboy liked her eyes. They were amber in the sun with little specks of gold; her hair was a dark brown with bleach blonde underneath and a vibrant red.
He always had a thing for redheads.
Niceboy knew Girl’s parents were making her to get a job so he had picked up about ten applications. They were supposed to return them; they did not. Instead, they listened to ‘The Lovin’ Spoonful’.
Girl and Niceboy did not go to English.
They went to Brewed Awakenings and gulped down Americano’s that they thought were yuck.
It was raining. It sounded like pennies hitting the tin of the roof. They pulled into the school parking lot. They were quiet, Niceboy put the pants on and kissed Girl. She felt herself twinkle as lights do after ones had a little wine.
Niceboy and Girl went for burgers with their friends. Girl was not hungry; she never was. They had milkshakes.
Niceboy kissed Girl in the parking lot. She twinkled again. They went to the movies as well.
Girl liked Niceboy.
Her parents had him over for dinner – they liked him too.
Niceboy and Girl talked on the phone every night until Girl fell asleep then Niceboy would tell her secrets and hang up. He would call her in the morning and talk until he had to go to work.
In old relationships, Girl looked for someone else. She was happy for the most part but she was not blind.
In her relationship with Niceboy, she was blind to other boys.
Then, she sold her soul to Kmart. She worked weekends and Niceboy worked weekdays. They became more distant, but they held out hope. Especially Girl, but she new the end was inevitable.
Niceboy took Girl to prom. They left, they got lost in the big city and Girl got scared of the dark parts. Nice boy held her close but he seemed angry and distracted.
They went fishing with Niceboy's friends.
Girl had become attached. She could tell as soon as she became aware of Niceboy’s friend flirting with him. After a while, it did not matter. And Girl flirted with friends too.
Girl and boy promised to see each other over the weekend, but they didn’t.
Girl bought boy a Johnny Cash action figure. Niceboy thanked her; he had grown quieter recently. Girl knew what was coming.
Niceboy took Girl home from school.
Girl went to get out.
“Wait”, said Niceboy. He was breathing heavily.
Girl turned to face Niceboy. She put her hand on his shoulder, and he took off his cowboy hat.
“I have something to tell you. My feelings have changed. It could be because summer is coming or we do not see each other, but now was not the best time to get into a relationship”.
“Uh huh,”, said Girl. She didn’t really know what to say or do.
“Yeah, and in the summer you wouldn’t see me much and you’d feel ignored probably”, he tried to explain. “So… I don’t know what I’m trying to say...”
“Do you want to see other people?”, Girl asked.
“Well if you...“
“Not that there is anyone in particular…“
“Or person or someone…”, he said referring to Suicideboy.
“NO!”, Girl blurted. “No”, she repeated more calmly. “We can still hangout and stuff, right?”
“Yeah”, he said.
Girl could not take it; she changed the subject. “I’m locked out of my house. Do you have a card I could use to break in?”
Niceboy’s face looked like a big question mark as he reached into his wallet and pulled one out.
Girl opened the door and brought the card back. She went for a kiss on the cheek, he went for her mouth.
When they kissed, there was no twinkling.
Girl acted as if everything was fine. Like it did not matter. It did, it mattered a lot.
It mattered more then all the others because she now knows the nice ones hurt the most.
She went inside and rearranged her room, she watched TV, and did things she didn’t normally do.
She tried everything to keep her mind off it but no matter how hard she tried, she still cried.