by Luiz Calado | Writing |

The shepherd who wasn’t so good - by Luiz Calado

I watched this movie the other day
Dubbed the “the birth of the CIA”
But before all the buzz goes away
Here are a few words, if I may
I am not much of a movie buff
And to endure this one was tough
It is almost three hours long!
And not an easy story to go along  

The cast is great – you can’t deny!
So I had my expectations up high
After all, it is a movie about a spy,
Skull & Bones, Cold War, FBI…  

I estimated suspense and action
But that was just a fraction…
Most of it was instead
The ties of a twisted thread
That makes you scratch your head  

History lesson? Fictional tale?
This argument is to no avail!
Because if you lose the time track
It’ll make no sense all that flashback  

With all these stars of Oscar fame
It shouldn’t be any guessing game
But no picking on any name
There’s really no one to blame  

It is “the movie that could”
But next to others from Hollywood
This one is in fact very good!
Maybe it tells more than it should
And for that, it is all but understood