by Linda Solomon | Writing |

Stars, Moons, Uranus, Neptune and Mayans, Oh My! - by Linda Solomon

In March of 2003, Uranus entered Aquarius - the sign it rules - and Neptune had been in Aquarius since 1998. In March 2003, Uranus entered Pisces. Uranus remains in Pisces until 2011. This creates something called “mutual reception” in astrology. Neptune moves into Pisces in 2012 and, interestingly enough, Pisces is the 12th house in the Zodiac wheel, completing its cycle through the wheel into its own house. Uranus begins its new trip around the wheel in 2012 when it enters Aries. This coincides closely with the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.
The first image I got upon hearing the information was this: a comet (Uranus) plunges into the Pacific Ocean. What happens? Everything at the bottom of the ocean (Pisces) comes up to the surface, is exposed. Tsunamis hit the shores of our everyday reality. What’s left? What can be learned from the event? What is useful in the consequent new and old debris left in the wake of the great event? These are the questions raised that demand our attention, collectively and individually.

Uranus is the “awakener” or destroyer of forms, Neptune is the “dreamer” or mystic. Uranus ruthlessly provokes change for the sake of evolution, Neptune is compassion itself. Aquarius, is however, called “the Water Bearer”. Its card is The Star in traditional Tarot and Pisces is The Moon. Succinctly, the Star represents Divine Intervention in a specific way: a divine lady is depicted in The Star sifting the waters of our collective unconscious and collective wisdom to raise what is useful and discard what is not and returning the clarified waters to earth, to humanity again. Those waters are the very waters ruled by Pisces, and seen in the very next card, The Moon.

The Moon is faith and delusion at once. It is known that there is movement and growth although the workings of the outer and even inner worlds seem mystifying, chaotic, conflicting and hard to understand. Part of the scene in The Moon is a little crustacean rising up from the water to enter upon a long and winding path.

The Path - the impetus for this little creature (humanity: you, personally and me, personally, not some hypothetical humanity) to get up and move, evolve, was the pouring of the sifted water back into his sea which woke him up a bit. In The Moon, it is with consent that he now continues upon the evolutionary path before him. And it's not daytime he finds himself in, it's a dark night. You could say the “dark night of the soul”.

The next card in sequence is The Sun: transformed, awakened humanity. And it's a child, not a wise old man. It represents the human being reborn, aware of his relationships to all other forms of life around him, including other human beings in a new, visceral and intimate way. It just is. This is a whole being, no longer fragmented, his joy and potential are limitless.

The Sun is also a Star. Ha!

So summing up how I see all this: I suspect now is about acting out the BIG process on a you and me level, knowing that we are connected. I cannot have my private stock of darkness, because that is the gunk at the bottom of my own sea that has just been pushed up and needs sifting. It’s a part of my part in this. And when I shine, I am a tiny star in someone else's dark night, easing it, infusing it with a bit of joy and light....

But when I shine, I also become my own sun.