by Cheryl Moss | Writing |

Untitled - by Cheryl Moss

How to be free, how to be free
When all I see
Is the mess around me?
I guess
I could bless
this mess
As it stirs humanity
Into Remembering

Pray that it does

But what of the mess makers?
Can it be,
That they too
Are some part of Me?

Rage surges and purges because
Just how much more
Can we stand?
Not one more second I implore
Of the terror of war
How many must die in the name of God?

My God is love.
And my church,
the heart of every Human Being

Have we forgotten
We are ALREADY in the Garden
Dare we abuse and use our precious Mother
For consumption and greed
And the obsessive need
To own the biggest and best
Of the latest fad
Oh have we been had

We ravage and destroy
With blatant disrespect
Miss the daily miracles
Of the rising and setting SUN
Of crow caw~ caw~ caw~ing
Of spring blossoming
Of the human heart breaking …Opening to Love

How is it man kind can be so ignorant
And arrogant and
Fearful that he wages war in order to
Suppress and repress
Prohibit and inhibit
Restrain and contain
That which cannot be…
Does he not see
His attempt to dominate and separate
His own humanity

And even so…
She holds him
She rises
She IS Life

Care to explore
So many have to die in GOD’S name