by Linda Solomon | Writing |

True North - by Linda Solomon

A compass that will not fail.
We are, I am, deluged in so much information
That my mind is short circuiting all over the place.
Sparks are igniting fires everywhere.
My heart is lost forever in skies
that are so blue you can feel it in your nose
In your hair and your eyes
In defiance of everything we have done.
Everything we have become to ignore

"We are the rulers of our destiny.
We are the sole heirs of earth and all its meaning.
We can make whatever we want, we can do whatever we want."

But that sky persists in being a kind of blue
that can never be digitized or painted.
The crispness, the color of that blue can only be
felt on the top of a mountain when you
have nothing left to lose.

And it grabs you.
It changes you and you can run from it
the rest of your life,
But it finds you.

A hawk lands on a branch of a tree
in your front yard.
Its song shreds the morning with a piercing
scream...a baby it is, learning how to hunt
in your front yard,
25 yards from a 4 lane highway.

And you know its that blue again
That won't let you go.

And it says,
"I love you in all your arrogance and presumption
I will never let you go.
You are small and tender to me, though
you dream yourself so mighty and powerful.
I allow you to hurt me, because I can handle it.
I allow you to rebel and hate me, because its your course."

There is no getting away from it.
Love is bigger than anything.
Love is the only thing here.

I sit at the prow of the ship.
I shake my compass, lost on the waves
of the endless sea.
I need True North, a compass that will not fail.
No land, no meaning, no end.....
But the indigo night
is lit by a million stars
And the moon makes diamonds of the water around me.
And I see the night is not all shadow and black
and trickery
but a blue velvet
so seamless its perfection
astounds me.