by Alyssa Max | Writing |

Leave It - by Alyssa Max

you're smiling and it's making me smile
I want to put my hands in your hair
and leave them there
you're joking with me and I laugh out loud
I don't want to
you don't care
your face folds in all the right places
melting into the kind of grin I'm pretty sure
I dreamed about in middle school
I want to press my mouth against yours
and leave it there
and leave it
my body is warm from your body
right next to me
I want to leave it there
and your hand is touching my face.
and your hand is slipping down my back.
leave it there
and it feels like
it feels like fear.
because in middle school
I could have believed in this
but now
now your hand is running down my spine
and it feels like
falling back
and I can feel my fears
pinned underneath us
and I want to leave them there
and you tell me to
leave them
my heart is in my throat
and I think that you can feel it
when you kiss me
and I worry
and I'm shaking
but you say, hey
leave it there
I think that maybe
your heart is in my pocket
and I want
I really, really want you
to leave it there.