The beautiful people - by Dayna Desastre

i think the most beautiful people are dead people. they are always the most stunning, secretive; as if leaving a legend behind is enough to cater beauty. read more...

Stars, Moons, Uranus, Neptune and Mayans, Oh My! - by Linda Solomon

In March of 2003, Uranus entered Aquarius - the sign it rules - and Neptune had been in Aquarius since 1998. In March 2003, Uranus entered Pisces. Uranus remains in Pisces until 2011. This creates something called “mutual reception” in astrology. Neptune moves into Pisces in 2012 and, interestingly enough, Pisces is the 12th house in the Zodiac wheel, completing its cycle through the wheel into its own house. Uranus begins its new trip around the wheel in 2012 when it enters Aries. This coincides closely with the end of the Mayan calendar in more...

The year in pictures - by Francesca Lia Block

i saw madonna with her daughter who looks like a painting of an italian angel and her son who looks like a little british punk rocker and the malawian baby she and guy are going to adopt and that led me to a web site of images of last year

Grass will grow - by Sukha

grass will grow... steady and slow... in it's own time and it's own way...

wind will blow... above and below... carving the green with an unseen knife

life will live... wild and unruly and out of controlread more...

Earthquake Dreams - by Judith Martin-Straw

How can I tell you a story I don’t want you to hear? It does not make me look good, and it certainly does not make you look good. I know you’ll find the part with your name in it, and you’ll be angry and disgusted with what you did, and even more upset that the whole thing hasn’t been buried and forgotten by now. In fact, I don’t know that there is any hero in this story at all. Perhaps only the survivors, and only they know if they deserve to be lauded for their continued existence, or reviled for their more...

Untitled - by Cheryl Moss

How to be free, how to be free
When all I see
Is the mess around me?

Vanagon Ready - by Brandon Peterson


I’ve got my vanagon ready but it leaks a little bit and moss grows inside sometimes.

It’s an eighty-one, one of the first square kinds.

It came free with little amenities. It’s got wood bumpers.

Well, now it’s got just one – I hit a friends concrete carport and it broke into toothpicks.

It was a hazard so I had to remove the more...

2012 - by Allison Powell

In the year 2012 I will turn fifty and the book of time cracks its own spine.

Imagining the future is the game of scientists and children rolling marbles and haven’t we all played?

The grass will be pink, skyscrapers seventeen miles high arc over the wafer of petrol blue air between Earth and Universe, Whales read our thoughts into sonnets, porcupines sing, it is possible to build a highway of dandelions.

Can you see it?

Extinction - by Francesca Lia Block

the earth was crying trying to cool

her blistered skin with tears

the polar bears died without their ice

those sad little fishes

the birds with burnt wings

what have they done to us

Last Night (01/08/07) - by Sukha

hot summer january night

twilight zone ishly

surprising me

as i step out into the

balmy palmy desertlike