The Writer’s Challenge - by Veronica

Break the sound barrier. Revel like a madwoman in the noisiness. Bask like a lizard in the heat of the noisiness. Bask in the pleasure of creating sentences. Bring the sentences together to form meaning. The meaning should reflect your meaning, for I cannot trust you if your words do not bring you some secret thrill or make your heart skip a beat. read more...

True North - by Linda Solomon

A compass that will not fail.
We are, I am, deluged in so much information
That my mind is short circuiting all over the place.
Sparks are igniting fires everywhere.

magick is radical - by Francesca Lia Block

this little boy says he can understand what cats say
and i believe him he looks like one
slight and feline black hair shiny smooth as fur
but he also tells me magic isn’t real
repeating what someone has given him
thinking it was a gift, a tool
magic isn’t real
only pretend

The American Future: Religion - by Dayna Desastre

Cameron appeared before the shepherds like a glittering, opalescent myth. Pearly white and well-lit from the blazing florescent lights, and glowing like a dawn-bringing ether, the pale canary-yellow tendrils of his curled mane rustled softly in the light breeze from the air conditioning and his skin-coated in rhinestones of sweat-glistened like cleansed more...

Bobo - by Monica

Bobo, the clown, walks in and sits down.
He cornrows his hair and looks at the ground
His shoes are too big
They stomp on his hat
He screams so loudly, "Would you look at that?
My brains have fallen out my ears and my eyes
There is no room now for the tears from my cries!"read more...

Diner at The Bowling Alley - by Zahra Lipson

A constant state, sort of addiction, this waiting.
The road pulses incoherently, mumbling its hurried sonnet,
and our desperate sun, incongruous gem, beats its unwanted more...